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In the craziness of New York City, we create peace of mind for you and your loved ones when it comes to life and death planning.

New York City is exhilarating, messy, chaotic, and unpredictable. As New Yorkers, we love it. But when it comes to life and death matters, the last thing you want is unpredictability.

At The Village Law Firm™, we’re in the business of putting your anxieties to rest. We remove all doubt about what would happen in the worst-case scenario so you can sleep soundly, knowing you have a solid plan in place that will protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • Upcoming Events

    Medicaid Planning

    Wednesday, October 26th at 12 pm EST

    As we age, the chances of requiring home health care services, assisted living, or nursing home care increase for all of us. Referred to as long term care, this type of health care can be extremely expensive, and it is not covered by Medicare or other health insurance. As a result, this type of care can deplete your life savings, leaving your spouse with few assets and eating up any money you planned to leave to your family.

    In our upcoming episode of Village Talk, our Founder Shannon McNulty and estate planning attorney Jamie Wolf will discuss how Medicaid Trusts work, the tradeoffs of this type of planning, and factors to consider in determining whether Medicaid planning is the right option for your or your family,

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End of Year Tax & Legal Planning Webinar

You may have heard, Congress is currently considering a number of tax changes that may affect your family. Knowing what's coming can help you plan ahead and avoid unnecessary tax exposure. Attorney Shannon P. McNulty speaks with Financial Advisor John Owens, from Brooklyn FI. Together they explain steps you should take now to prepare for the end of the year.  


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