The Village Law Firm | Five Things You Need To Know About Insurance After COVID
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Five Things You Need To Know About Insurance After COVID

COVID-19 has caused many parents to reassess their life insurance needs - and has led to questions about insurability after a diagnosis or other health issue. Additionally, many New Yorkers have purchased second homes resulting in changes to homeowner's policies or questions about the effect of renting out their property.
To answer all your pressing insurance questions, join estate planning attorney Shannon P. McNulty as she hosts a conversation with Erin Ardleigh, founder of Dynama Insurance, and John Pugliese, of Alliant Insurance. They will discuss how the insurance marketplace has changed in the wake of COVID-19 and share their industry expertise on how to find the right policy for you and your family.
The presentation will cover:
*       How to shop for the best possible insurance plans and get the most
     competitive pricing
*       The top 10 most frequently made mistakes and how to avoid them
*       How the pandemic has changed life and disability insurance
*       When to consider long term care insurance
*       What to know about insuring a second home
*       What areas of coverage might be missing from your renters/homeowners
      insurance policy
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