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  • Recently Divorced? It's Time To Update Your Estate Plan
    Your estate plan is a living document or set of legal documents. This means the plan you set today likely won’t be the plan you have five or ten years down the road. It’s important to take time to update your plan when important changes happen in your life, and divorce may be the most important example of this.
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  • Questions to Ask Before Taking on the Role of Executor
    There’s pride and honor that comes with being asked to be the executor (or administrator) of someone’s estate. You’re unlikely to find a clearer sign that this person trusts you as you’d be carrying out serious legal and fiduciary responsibilities to fulfill their last wishes.
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  • Why You Should Never Name Your Child as a Beneficiary
    One of the most common mistakes we see New York parents make is naming a minor child as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy or retirement account, or naming them as beneficiaries to inherit assets directly under your will.  
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  • Reasons to Avoid Probate
    If you’ve read anything about estate planning, you’ve probably heard the term probate, and perhaps have been advised to avoid it at all costs.  
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