The Village Law Firm | A Look Behind the Probate Curtain
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A Look Behind the Probate Curtain

A Discussion of What Probate Entails, How Long It Takes, How Much It Costs, & When – and How – to Avoid It. If you’ve read anything about estate planning, you’ve probably heard of something called probate – often in the connection with why to avoid it. But beyond the attorneys who practice this particular area of law, few people understand what probate actually entails.

In this episode of Village Talk, estate attorneys Shannon McNulty and Jamie Wolf take a step-by-step look at the probate process and answer common questions, such as:    

*   Is probate really that bad?
*   How long does it take?
*   How much does it cost?
*   Does probate require a lawyer?
*   When should probate be avoided?
*   What is the best way to avoid probate?